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It's our mission to give the highest value in support, quality, and execution while striving towards becoming one of the biggest fitness companies in the world.

We prove to everyone and anyone that there is no goal that can't be achieved

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“I started working with Chris back in January of 2017. With Chris’ help, I’ve been able to cut down a total of 55lbs. He has helped me achieve my fitness goals and still is to this day! As long as you commit and work hard, you will too! The app is easy to use and if you ever have questions he’s only a phone call or a text message away. I definitely recommend Chris.”

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary! 


“When I asked Dana and Chris for help, I was just looking for easy exercises to do at the gym. What Dana and Chris gave was so much more. We were getting ready for a wedding and needed to lose some serious weight. They provide meal plans and customized workouts. They follow you every step of the way. They provide accountability with weekly check ins and make sure you’re on track. I have muscles and definition now. It felt so impossible from the beginning but Dana and Chris help you through it. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary! 


“Weightwatchers, South Beach, Herbalife, Shakeology, just to name a few. We tried so many different diets. All of them put together, one after another, I lost 17 lbs in months. My wife and I worked with Dana and Chris and yes we hated our lives some mornings, getting up at 5 to go to the gym, redefining how many egg whites a human being can consume, and wanting ice cream so bad you could kill a man. I lost 39 lbs in those first 5 months and I know I could've pushed harder. You get what you're willing to put in and Dana and Chris gave us the tools, the information, and the guidance we needed to make a change in our lives. Frequent motivations, a really useful app, personalized eating plans, they provided it all. I can't thank them enough and I will continue to use them for the rest of the foreseeable future.”

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary! 



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